Canadian Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is one of the three federal immigration programs processed via the Express Entry system. It is designed for foreign nationals who have gained Canadian work experience and in that way are already more integrated into the Canadian labour market. Such candidates usually are called “ideal immigrants” as they usually are already living and working in Canada, so they will not the additional time for integration and adaptation.

Eligibility for the Canadian Experience Class program

To be eligible for CEC, an international worker must satisfy the requirements set by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Those requirements include work experience for a Canadian employer in Canada and knowledge of the official language/languages of Canada.

There are no requirements for certain education or demonstration of financial funds to apply for PR via the Canadian Experience Class.

Canadian Experience Class

CEC Work experience criteria

The main requirement for the Canadian Experience Class program is to complete 1560 hours of work in an appropriate job for 365 days, which is equal to one year of work experience in Canada. One can gain 1560 hours of work experience if he or she works for an employer 30 hour per week for one year. This work experience must be gained within the last three calendar years while having a legal status in Canada. CEC ruled do not accept your work experience gained if you were studying at the time of work. Self-employment also does not qualify for this program.

This program is ideal for international graduates who stayed in Canada after their graduation and have worked for a Canadian employer for one year.

Canadian Experience Class

Part-time work experience

In many cases, people work in part-time positions. This work experience also counts for CEC, however, to gain an equivalent of one year of work experience you will have to work longer period until you meet the requirement of 1560 hours. You can also combine several part-time employments in the period of one calendar year or longer to meet the equivalent of one year of work experience.

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Canadian Experience Class

What types of work are good for CEC?

For the obvious reasons, working in McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s in Canada do not qualify you for Canadian Experience Class program as the Canadian government is seeking skilled workers whose contribution to the Canadian economy will have a greater impact. For that reason, Canada clearly regulates what types of work are acceptable for the program. Only work experience in the jobs listed in the Skill Type 0 (zero) or Skill Levels A and B of the Canadian National Classification of Occupations (NOC), qualify for CEC.

You can combine work experience in different NOCs to meet the CEC work experience requirement

Canadian Experience Class

What is the language requirement for CEC?

You must meet the minimum language proficiency requirement of the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 if your profession is in the NOC Skill Level B and CLB level 7 if your profession is in the Skill Type 0 (zero) or Skill Level A.

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Canadian Experience Class

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