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Best Quality Immigration, a licensed Canadian immigration company, in cooperation with our partners from ApplyBoard assists to hundreds of international students to apply for their study in Canada and the United States. Our experts can find a proper program for you in more than 1,200 best high schools, colleges and universities in North America!

Our education services allow you apply for the following study levels

Elementary, Middle and High School

Get enrolled in a Canadian or American school! Completing Elementary School, Middle School and/or High School in North America will prepare you for the future higher education in colleges and universities in Canada and the USA. Styling in English will enable you to achieve fluency in English long before your application for a bachelor’s degree.

Education Services

Bachelor’s Degree

International students are welcomed to apply for undergraduate programs and to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Competition of the bachelor’s degree prepares you for the local labour market. Moreover, having North American education opens you a wide range of opportunities all over the world, as Canadian and American educational institutions are recognized internationally. Bachelor’s degree is usually four years in length.

Education Services

Master’s Degree

Master’s degree is a great opportunity to improve your professional training and get in-depth knowledge in your field. Graduates of the master’s degree programs get more chances to compete for the best job positions in the world. In addition, completed master degree in Canada opens additional immigration opportunities. Master’s degree is usually earned in 1-2 years.

Education Services

Doctoral Degree

Getting your Ph.D. in USA or Canada means a brilliant opportunity to become a university professor in any part of the Globe. We can help you to figure out all the requirements, check the funding opportunities, and find the best match for your field of study.

Education Services

Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas

In addition to bachelor, master and doctoral programs, we can help you to apply for various one- and two-year study programs in Canadian colleges to obtain Canadian certificates and diplomas that may help you pursue an occupation that is in demand on the market

Education Services

What do you want to study?

Do you know what program you would like to apply for? We can discuss your preferences and select the program that fits the most to your needs.

Education Services

Prepare and submit your study application

Every school, college or university has different requirements for prospective students. The documents list, enrollment fees and language proficiency conditions vary. We will help you to submit your application and meeting all the requirements.

Education Services

Letter of acceptance and a student visa

Once your application to study is approved, you will get a letter of acceptance to your school. Unfortunately, this is not enough to move to the destination country. You will also need to prepare your study permit and temporary resident visa (for Canada) or an F1 international student visa (for the USA). Our visa experts will get all papers ready in a timely manner and a proper way.

Education Services in Canada and USA

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